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DynaDx Corporation was founded in 2005 as a technology incubator. Our mission is to apply advanced technologies of dynamical signal analysis to improve clinical diagnosis and prediction ability. We are developing new technologies and transferring innovative technologies developed in research/academic institutions to make an impact to public health and preventive medicine.

The technologies implemented by DynaDx require a cross- disciplinary effort. We assembled a research and development team that includes individuals with a range of expertise in physics, applied mathematics, bioengineering, physiology, clinical medicine, data analysis, and commercial software development. Members of our teams have worked closely with each other and have a productive, ongoing record of innovative collaborations.

DynaDx Corp. has obtained approval for the Quality Management System on December 21, 2009. DynaDx Quality Management System complies with EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003. And the research, development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of DynaDx products are in full accordance with above quality management standards.

The medical product of DynaDx Corp. has obtained FDA 510(k) approval.

DynaDx has filed 5 patents related to physiological signal analysis and disease prevention.

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