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Medical: drug design, sensors, devices/instruments, images, tissue engineering, statistics, and physiological signal analysis
Acoustics, noise, and vibration: highway noise, tire-pavement interactions noise, submarine design, machine vibration analysis, speech/sound analysis, speaker/sound recognition, electronic communication, and music
Environmental: oceanography, coastal engineering and dynamics, underwater electromagnetics, earthquake engineering, geophysics, land and water topography, water and wind dynamics, sonar, radar, lidar, and seismic signal analysis
Industrial: machine monitoring and failure prediction, electrical circuit analysis, heat conduction and convection analysis, nondestructive testing, and chip design
Structure/Civil Engineering: structural health monitoring, damage detection in buildings or structures, highway/bridge engineering, nondestructive evaluation, shock loading analysis/simulation
Fluid Dynamics: numerical simulation of fluid flow, turbulent flow analysis, coherent sturcture analysis, examination of nonstationary flows, vortex shedding, and wake flow
Business/Finance: economic data analysis, market data and trend analysis, and nonstationary financial time series analysis
Education tool for time-frequency analysis

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