HHT >Benefits
Precision: More precise time-frequency representation of signal data and sharper filter performance than with "Fourier-based" methods
Flexibility: Designed for processing nonlinear and nonstationary signals, but flexible enough to analyze any data (linear or nonlinear) and stationary or nonstationary signals
Accuracy: Preserves intrinsic properties of data; offers a microscopic view of data not limited by the uncertainty principle; and does not impose a priori assumptions on data, as in Fourier methods (i.e., that assume linear and stationary data)
Easy Implementation: Easy and inexpensive to implement in software or hardware
Real-time operation: Operates and yields physically meaningful results in real time
Multifunctionality: Generates IMFs through an adaptive algorithm from a data set with which other methods fail; examines previously unattainable results for aiding diagnosis of abnormal conditions; and provides new, quantitative measurements that enhance understanding of underlying phenomena

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